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Why WordPress


  WordPress developers have the most versatile skillset in the world.
Approximately 60 million websites run on WordPress, and behind the development of each website the creativity of the WordPress Developer is there.

Word press Design & maintenance


I figure out the best look for your website. My goal is to supply you with a design that is attractive and helps your brand and your business grow. 

Bespoke site in Word press


Your website is the landing page for your business, but it can be hard to direct traffic to your website without help. 

How do I work

1. Requirement Gathering- In this step involves gathering information regarding the website functionalities and the design requirements.

2. Choose the themes or start the designing part of the website from scratch whihc is often called a bespoke site.

3. After the confirmation of designing I start working on the functionalities of the website. 

4. After completion of the the Development part I optimize the site for better performance.


Who We Are?

Passion to make things happen

Clients call me Neel :) , well my name is Indranil Sarkar.  We are just two in strength , my partner is in his twenties (Sagar) and I am aged 44 + . Both of us started working as a team in the year 2011. We realized that there is a huge opportunity in website development , specially WordPress. Right from the start we made it clear “Make our clients smile”. We have accomplished more than 400 sites together which are LIVE and we are proud of it. Our clients are from UK, US, Australia, Africa and many more all around the globe 

We both work as a team and make things happen. We don't own a huge office , actually we work anywhere. All we need is a laptop and internet and we settle anywhere.